Progressive Home Inspections

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Whether buying or building, it is important to make sure you follow the proper steps to ensure the safety of a home.  Progressive home inspections look at each individual stage of the shutterstock_202741987home-building process to make sure the home is fully functional and properly constructed. Inspecting a home as it’s in the process of being built saves time and money. It can pinpoint unseen problems which would otherwise be more complex and costly to remediate.

What is a Progressive Inspection?

A progressive inspection has three separate stages:

  1. Prior to foundation – Inspectors examine the land before the foundation is installed. Getting a look at this area before the concrete is poured offers a glimpse at the home’s electrical grounding or bonding; concrete reinforcement and the depth and size of footing; plumbing and drains; wall support strapping and bolts; and the moisture barrier.
  2. After the structure is built – Once the foundation is in, a home inspector should come in before installation of the drywall. This inspection is critical as it shows structural characteristics and safety factors, such as proper fire blocking and service runs. The more information an inspector can gain before the walls are covered, the better.
  3. Before closing – This is often called a delivery inspection. It is essentially a full-home inspection of the finished product.  The inspection is usually scheduled one to two days before the new owner walks the home with the builder prior to closing.

Certified Master Inspectors

If you’re looking for a company to handle all of your home inspection needs, EDC Professional Home Inspections can help. With our on-time arrivals and comprehensive reports, we deliver a thorough home inspection and work with your builder to ensure your new home is safe and sound for you and your family.

Does your insurance company require specific inspections? We can do that as well, and will then contact your agent to ensure all requirements are met. If you are in need of a progressive home inspection and the peace of mind it brings, call us today at (407) 417-2999.