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    We understand that owning and maintaining your home can become a daunting task further complicated by your busy schedule. Most people buying or selling homes are aware that home inspectors provide peace of mind and awareness of the home's condition. Rarely do we inspect a home that has no issues and very few homeowners follow readily available maintenance recommendations.

    With a maintenance inspection you can have your home checked every year by a Licensed Home Inspector.

    Having a maintenance inspection each year makes it easy to find small problems before they become a big costly repair. As State Certified Home Inspectors, we know what to look for and where to start. We know the typical problem areas and the expense associated with repairing those items after not being properly maintained.

    Being able to find the small problems ahead of time will improve efficiency of your home systems and potentially make the home more comfortable to live in from those costly unforeseen repairs.

    Maintenance Checkup

    Having a yearly maintenance checkup will help avoid unsafe home conditions for you and your family. We recommend having the following checked every year:

    • Roof
    • Exterior
    • Garage Door Operators
    • Structural Components
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical System
    • Heating/Central Air Conditioning Systems
    • Built-In Kitchen Appliances

    When an EDC professional comes to your home for this inspection, we don’t want to provide you a list of items that need to be maintained. That is why we’ll also replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, clean the clothes dryer ducting, drain the hot water heater, do minor caulking on exterior wall cladding and windows, do minor caulking to shower/bath enclosures, clean the HVAC condensate drain and condensing unit, and clean your roof gutters.

    We’ll also provide you a report commenting on the condition of your home and what routine maintenance we performed. The only list you’ll get is for deficiencies that we found requiring assistance of other licensed professionals due to the scope of repair.

    You wouldn’t think about skipping the maintenance on you automobile, don’t skip the maintenance on your home! Maintain your investment.

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