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    “New” Doesn’t Mean “Perfect”

    If you’re having a new home built to your specifications, you’re undoubtedly excited for moving day. Everything will be clean, new, and exactly how you like it.

    So it may come as a surprise to hear that new construction is far from flawless.

    At EDC Professional Home Inspections, we have inspected thousands of homes—old and new—and have yet to see a home in perfect condition.

    Most home issues only get worse the longer they go unnoticed and a new construction home inspection (also known as a progressive inspection) might be your only chance to identify them.

    Protection From Top to Bottom

    There is only so much that can be uncovered during a typical home inspection. Even the most qualified and experienced inspectors can’t see through walls or take a peek under the floorboards.

    With a new construction home inspection, however, they can.

    Imagine being close to completion on your new home only to discover that the foundation was poured incorrectly. With a progressive inspection, you would find out right away so that the builder could fix their mistake before the issue becomes more difficult (and costly) to fix.

    Inspecting your home from top to bottom and start to finish allows us to see systems and features of your home that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    New Construction Home Inspection

    Our progressive inspections occur in three main phases, which are all designed to give our inspectors a complete picture of your home’s condition.

    • Phase I – Before the foundation is poured, we examine the home’s electrical grounding, concrete reinforcement, plumbing, and moisture barrier.
    • Phase II – Before drywall is installed, we check for structural flaws and safety hazards.
    • Phase III – Once the structure is complete, we do a full home inspection. This typically occurs before your final walk-through with the builder.

    Under Florida law, construction companies are responsible for their work for one year after closing. Unfortunately, some issues may lie dormant for many years before they are detected. You are then left to pay for repairs out of your own pocket.

    At EDC Professional Home Inspections, we have seen firsthand the time, money, and energy that go into fixing issues that could have (and should have) been prevented.

    Inspections Are Always Necessary

    You should never rely solely on a building company’s name or reputation when purchasing new construction.

    In fact, it’s likely that the construction company you thought you were hiring simply passed the job on to a string of subcontractors whose contracts are renegotiated every 60-90 days. So the laborers who poured your foundation may not be the same ones who will frame your walls.

    Getting a new construction home inspection holds the builders accountable and ensures that you move into a home you can trust to function properly and keep you safe.

    At EDC Professional Home Inspections, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we go above and beyond industry standards to give you as thorough and accurate an inspection as possible.

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