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    Central Florida home buyers are more savvy than ever before. 

    With so many websites available to search for properties, the average buyer has countless resources: a real estate agent finding homes, virtual home listings on the internet, and even “For Sale” signs dotted throughout their desired neighborhoods. 

    A home inspection is on the majority of buyers’ agendas these days, because most potential homeowners want to avoid any unforeseen expenses, such as leaky pipes, a roof issue, or many other potentially costly home issues. 

    Because of this, the role of a home inspector is more important than ever for selling a home.

    What Is a Prelisting Inspection?

    Rather than being ordered by a buyer of a home, a prelisting home inspection is ordered by the seller before a home is listed for sale. But this doesn’t mean that the inspection is skewed in the seller’s favor. Prelisting inspections are just as thorough (and critical of condition) as a buyer’s inspection. 

    Information discovered during the inspection (whether positive or negative) can be shared in the listing, enhancing the chances of visibility and interest, due to the fact that many buyers don’t fully understand the benefits of a home inspection. 

    Having a prelisting inspection allows the seller AND potential buyer to get on the same page about the condition of the house. The buyer feels that they have the “full picture” of the property and that the seller has nothing to hide. 

    By providing that peace of mind to potential buyers, an inspection report creates a better opportunity for a positive relationship between the buyer and seller of a home.

    In many cases, a prelisting inspection can actually increase the chances of getting the most money for a home sale, rooting out any real estate issues that can be assessed prior to the sale. For instance, if the prelisting inspection finds core issues with the roof, those repairs can either be made prior to sale, or factored into the final price, positioning the home to sell more efficiently.

    At EDC Professional Home Inspections, our inspectors are trained to provide quality service that doesn’t overlook the details. Being thorough is our mantra because our report is our way to prove how much we care.

    No detail is too small!

    A comprehensive inspection report is what each homeowner deserves and we feel strongly about delivering the most accurate inspection report, each and every time.

    There are many benefits to carrying out a prelisting inspection:

    • All problems are known and communicated with the buyer (no more nasty surprises!);
    • Major problems can be fixed before you list the property;
    • You can adjust the asking price according to inspection outcome;
    • Buyers have increased confidence in their purchase;
    • You are given more credibility and integrity;
    • You have disclosure protection for legal claims;
    • And more!

    The Added Value of Seller Inspections

    Prelisting inspections give the seller a detailed list of the home’s complications before the property is ever brought to market. Having a prelisting inspection aids the seller in preparing for the sale, which is key to maximizing profits.

    Home sales can be complicated, but the entire situation becomes much more understandable with a comprehensive home inspection report. 

    Once a quality report has been submitted, it may be more profitable for the seller to fix the current issues or sell the property as-is. As the seller, the choice is up to you, but having the correct information is key to making that important decision. 

    Reports can also be a helpful way for buyers to estimate repair costs, energy consumption, and total investments before the property becomes their financial responsibility.

    A prelisting inspection also allows the seller to protect themselves from claims made by the buyer’s hired inspectors or real estate agent. In some cases, the buyer may waive a separate inspector simply because of the proactive and professional method of preparing the home for their purchase. 

    Again, this is another opportunity for sellers and buyers to meet in the middle using honesty, transparency, and a professional report that identifies all necessary aspects of the home’s potential need for repair.

    EDC Professional Home Inspections give every client a trustworthy evaluation of the home, ensuring that all questions are answered with thorough discovery. If you are selling a home in the Central Florida area, call EDC for a free prelisting inspection estimate today. 

    Maximizing the money potential on a home sale isn’t just a good practice, it’s good business. 

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