Prelisting Inspections

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Central Florida home buyers are more conscious than ever before.  A home inspection is on the majority of buyer’s agendas these days.  Having a prelisting inspection allows you to rest assured that your home for sale is in tip-top shape.  EDC Professional Home Inspectors are trained to provide quality inspections with every detail.  There are many benefits to carrying out a prelisting inspection:

  • All problems are known and communicated with buyer
  • Major problems can be fixed before sale
  • Seller can adjust price according to inspection outcome
  • Inspection reports act as a persuasive tool
  • An inspection gives credibility and integrity to the seller
  • Disclosure protection for legal claims
  • Validate claims from other home inspectors
  • And more!

The Added Value of Seller Inspections

Prelisting inspections give the seller a detailed list of the home’s complications before it is ever brought to market.  Having a prelisting inspection aids the seller in preparing for the sale.  It may be more profitable for the seller to fix the current issues or sell the property as-is.  Reports can be given to the buyer to estimate repair costs, energy consumption, and total investments prior to their offering.  A prelisting inspection also allows the seller to protect themselves from claims made by the buyer’s hired inspectors.  In some cases the buyer may waive a separate inspector simply because of the proactive and professional method of preparing the home for their purchase.

EDC Professional Home Inspections give every client a trustworthy evaluation of the home, ensuring your questions are answered.  We also offer partnering services, such as our energy reports that can act as a sale leveraging utility that buyers will appreciate.  If you are selling a home in the Central Florida area, contact EDC Professional Home Inspections for a free Prelisting Inspection estimate today.