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EDC Professional Home Inspections follows the guidelines laid out in the Florida Standards of Practice. These standards ensure each home being inspected gets a satisfactory evaluation. We, at EDC Professional Home Inspections, go beyond the average home inspection by offering unparalleled customer service.  Items that are not required to be inspected by the state Standards of Practice typically are by EDC Professional Home Inspections.  We inspect the home as if our children and family were going to occupy it. That’s why we provide a 100 Day Warranty with our inspections, provide Home Energy report, and use our Thermal Imaging equipment with every full inspection.  Our inspections are prompt and accurate, so you get the information needed within your contract window and can close on your home on time.  For more information on how EDC Professional Home Inspections can help you, call (407) 417-2999 today.

To see the rules and regulations of the building inspections, visit the Florida Home Inspector Standards of Practice.