What Really Matters

Dangerous Living Conditions

There are all kinds of dangerous settings a home can create if not taken care of properly. Our inspectors are trained to overlook nothing to ensure you are safe in your home.

We look for harmful conditions such as:

We want you to know everything about your home before you make one of the largest decisions of your life. However, it is important to understand that ever house has its flaws. Allow EDC Professional Home Inspectors to evaluate the condition of your prospective home today.

When purchasing a new home, you’re faced with a long list of things to accomplish in a short period of time. However, home inspections should be left to the professionals. At EDC Professional home inspections, we offer thorough home inspections that you can count on. While most homes we inspect come with their minor maintenance issues, some have major faults that may sway your purchasing decision.

Substantial Home Faults

There are a number of household problems that can go unnoticed when first looking at a home. Our home inspection services look for worn out appliances, damaged roofs, foundation issues, and more. These major flaws could lead you with thousands of dollars in repair bills that you never expected.

When a damaged component of a home is found during an inspection, the buyer and seller need to discuss what happens next. In most cases, repairs are made before the transfer of ownership or there is financial compensation in regards to the damages. A quality home inspection will allow you to avoid costly complications during the buying process.

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