What Does a Home Inspection Cost?

If you’re like most money-savvy homeowners, you try to keep to a budget when it comes to home services, and that includes home inspections. Yet, while it’s important to save money whenever possible, getting the best quality for your money will actually save you money in the long run.

Keep in mind that the home inspection cost is only one factor to consider when choosing a home inspector. You should also factor in the inspector’s education, experience, and business practices. A low home inspection price might not be worth it if you don’t get a thorough home inspection.

What Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Understandably, you probably want a concrete price list of the various types of home inspections, but there are variables that make posting a standard price schedule very difficult. We’ve attempted to provide pricing estimates and guidelines below, but keep in mind that pricing will vary depending on your individual needs.

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Buyer/Seller Inspection

The cost for a buyer/seller inspection of a single family home starts at $350. A “typical" buyer/seller inspection in Central Florida will cost between $275-$525 with our competitors. However, there is nothing typical about EDC inspections.

We strive to give you the best value possible for your money. Every full inspection includes a free energy report ($50 value) and you usually receive your report within 24 hours. We do not charge extra for moisture intrusion inspection, either with a moisture meter or a thermal Imaging camera, like many of our competitors do. We also provide a free 100-day warranty.

The way we see it, you are paying us to inspect the structure for you and provide a true and accurate report of its condition. Therefore, we use the best of our ability and resources to accurately determine the condition of the home and give you the confidence needed to move forward with your purchase.

These inspections are a snapshot of the home. Because we need to preserve the structural integrity of your home, our inspections are not technically exhaustive nor intrusive (but we do our best!), and they take approximately 3 hours to complete.

A great question to ask inspectors when making your choice is, “What happens if the roof leaks in the first two months after your inspection?" Ours is covered under warranty. Is theirs?

Ask if they perform thermal imaging during the inspection. We offer thermal imaging on every inspection, at no extra cost to you.

Quite honestly, we offer more than our competitors and most often beat their pricing!

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation inspections are typically $85 for our service areas. These reports are valid up to five years and routinely qualify you for hundreds of dollars in insurance premium savings. We will discount our cost if combined with a 4-point insurance inspection.

Occasionally the wind mitigation inspection is so straightforward that this price might even be lower (for example, if the roof was recently replaced and the contractor provided you all the necessary documentation). We discount based on the amount of work we perform, but we’ll never ask for more if the inspection is more involved and takes longer.

These inspections use specialized equipment and take approximately 1 hour to complete. As stated on the Wind Mitigation page, we’ve been told by our clients that their insurance providers offered $450 to over $600 dollars in credit once they viewed our report. Of course, it’s an inspection report and any credits offered depend on the construction of the home; we can’t change that.

We’ll explain the potential credit portions of the report and what your house currently has, so that you can make an educated decision as to whether you should invest more into your home for additional credit.

Our reports are extremely accurate and provide the information needed to accurately interpret the state’s insurance tables. We’ve never been asked by the insurance provider for more information!

But insurance savings aren’t the only reason you should get a wind mitigation inspection. Central Florida sees its fair share of hurricanes, so you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your home is prepared for the next storm.

4-Point Insurance Surveys

4-point insurance surveys are typically $125 dollars for our service areas. These inspections are usually conducted at the request of the insurance provider for homes more than 30 years old, although each company has their own criteria.

Because older homes often have obstacles that hinder the inspection, such as a crawl space or aged plumbing and electrical systems, these inspections may incur additional charges, as they require more time and effort to perform. In fact, these obstacles, as well as outdated construction methods, are the very reason insurance companies request a 4-point inspection.

Because individual homes can vary, it’s best to discuss your property with us to get the most accurate quote.

The 4-point inspection mostly documents the existing materials and condition of the structure for the insurance company to evaluate eligibility for coverage.

Although 4-point inspections are common and reported in a standardized format, insurance companies routinely ask for additional photos of specific characteristics of the home. Let us do the legwork; we’ll contact your insurance agent to ensure we meet all their specific needs.

Additional Inspections

The inspections listed above are the most common, but we also provide ancillary inspections for Chinese drywall, mold, wood destroying organisms (WDO), septic systems, pools, thermal imaging, roof certifications, and just about any combination of inspections.

Please contact us for pricing and recommendations.

We offer discounts for those with current or previous U.S. Military experience including National Guard and Coast Guard. We also like to assist first-time homebuyers and extend discounts to our senior citizens and disabled customers as well.

What You Will Save

While home inspection costs are a factor, it’s worth mentioning how much an inspection will save you.

So many problems that homeowners face—and need to hire a contractor to fix—could be identified even before a house is purchased. The time to find problems is during a home inspection, but way too often, that doesn’t happen.

This is a huge issue for homeowners, who are making the biggest investment of their lives without enough information. You just can’t afford to make an uninformed decision with that kind of investment. When compared to the cost of maintaining or repairing a problematic home, the cost of a home inspection is very low.

Aside from the insurance credits, a good home inspection will give you the information you need to avoid moving into a home that turns into a money pit.

A good home inspector is worth their weight in gold and then some. The reassurance that you know the condition of the home and what it will cost moving forward not only puts you at ease with the buying process, it also helps you negotiate a fair asking price with confidence.

We’re so confident of our inspections, that we offer a one-year warranty for them.

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