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Home Warranty

EDC Warranty Programs

Included With All Buyer / Seller Inspections 100-day warranty for your peace of mind.

EDC Professional Home Inspections prides itself on providing the best-quality home inspections by Master Home Inspectors. But for your peace of mind, we offer a free, 100-day quality inspection warranty on our work.

This warranty helps ensure that new homeowners like you won’t get socked with large repair bills right after moving in. This warranty covers things like appliances and issues not detected in an inspection.

Closing gets delayed? We understand that timelines can change. With this warranty, homeowners are still covered for 22 days, regardless.

Simple Warranty

We also offer a one-year, optional simple warranty that is linked to your home’s individual inspection under the terms and conditions of the policy.

What this means is that if your home inspector didn't recommend certain repairs — but repairs are needed — you’re covered! Other home-inspection warranties only cover homeowners for covered items in good condition at the time of the warranty, even if something was overlooked. We link the warranty to the report itself; we’re that confident in the quality of our work.

In addition to offering warranty coverage on things like garage-door openers, the simple warranty also covers hinges and springs, for example. For central air conditioning and electrical systems, the simple warranty also covers routine maintenance and moisture corrosion, for example — things other warranties just won’t cover.

SMART Warranty

The SMART warranty is a one-year, pay-as-you-go warranty designed to give homeowners more flexibility in meeting their budgetary needs. SMART stands for Sewer, Mold, Alarm, Radon and Termite. It covers things like underground utilities, visible mold growth, and radon mitigation system installation.

While it is similar in primary coverage to the simple warranty, the SMART warranty allows homeowners more budgetary options, with three levels of protection: Premier, Platinum, and Diamond.

*Additional Options prices available when getting a quote.