Home Inspections in Windermere

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Before signing the papers on that beautiful new Windermere home, please consider investing in a home inspection from the professionals here at EDC. A homeowner’s worst nightmare is to move into their new home only to have previously unknown issues come to the surface. The same goes for selling a home, if an inspection isn’t carried out prior to the home going up for sale, it could prevent any prospective buyers from committing to the sale.shutterstock_89758555

We are proud to offer home inspections for both buyers and sellers in Windermere to help you maximize your confidence throughout the real estate process. Our home inspections are designed to be a one-stop convenience that removes as much stress from the home buying or selling experience as possible. We handle all routine and non-routine services so you never need to worry about calling multiple companies – we cater to everything you may need. If we were to come across an issue we couldn’t handle, we have strong relationships with highly qualified subcontractors who will complete the task, removing the burden from your shoulders.

In addition to our routine services, we also conduct moisture inspections as well as thermal imaging surveys, which is included as part of our full inspection. Upon completion of our inspection, we provide you with a maintenance handbook and a home energy report at no charge. An EDC energy report examines a variety of different data points around your home by using thermal imaging and other technologies. The report can help keep your energy costs low in your new Windermere home, and provides the information needed to prepare for modifications or replacements throughout the home.

Regardless of if you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in Windermere, we know that EDC is at the top of your list for professional home inspection services. From roof to foundation, we cover it all. Our job is to ensure you have the best buying or selling experience possible. Give us a call today at 407-417-2999 with any questions.