What to Look for During a Plumbing Inspection

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When having your home inspected, there are many considerations to have. Various systems throughout the home are subject to problems, which need to be addressed, and one of the most crucial systems is your plumbing. Having your plumbing inspected can be incredibly beneficial and allow you to update potential hazards.

What Kind of Pipes?

One of the most vital elements of your plumbing system is the pipes themselves, and it is important to note what material they are made out of. Older homes may have polybutylene pipes, which are regarded as dated and untrustworthy due to their tendency to burst from failure. Other piping materials include galvanized steel, copper, CPVC, and PEX. Your piping will also be inspected for some common problems such as:

  • Joints with leaks forming
  • Proper unions between pipes to decrease chances of leaks or bursts from forming
  • Leaking shut off valves
  • Proper venting to prevent sewer gases from entering home
  • Proper drainage so that backups don’t occur
  • unseen leaks that increase utility bills

Your Water Heater

The water heater is another vital element of the system, which requires inspection. When an inspector is taking a look at your water heater, they will be sure to check for the following:

  • Proper functioning by producing hot water
  • Potential failure due to age
  • Listening for sounds of gurgling indicating sediment buildup which means your heater may need to be replaced
  • Ensuring that the pressure relief valve ,or TPR, has pipe which extends to within 6” from the floor or exterior
  • Checking for proper ventilation
  • Making sure that the draft hood is properly secured to the unit
  • Connections from appliances such as the dishwasher or clothes washer

An Inspection You Can Trust

At EDC Home Inspections we hold quality to the highest degree. As a Certified Master Inspector®, we make it our job to ensure that we don’t miss anything to give you the best in home inspection. Call us at 407-417-2999 to schedule your inspection today.